Life Lately: The good and bad

*Had my first library program! It was a make-your-own ice cream party! (good)

Only 2 girls showed up (bad) but they were both awesome and we had a lot of fun hanging out, chatting, and stuffing our faces. (good!) And one has already signed up to be part of my Teen Advisory Board! (good)

*Had a total RMV fail. (super bad)

I went to get change my driver’s license from Colorado to Massachusetts and to get new license plates. The minute I got there, I realized I’d left a form I needed for my new registration at home. (bad)

I drove home and back through crazy traffic to get it, had to wait in line for over an hour, and when I got up to the front, I found out I still couldn’t update everything because I didn’t have the title to my car! (bad). Even worse, I didn’t even know what my title looked like. I had to call my parents and luckily my dad has it at home. Way to be a grownup, Jessica! (so bad)

I did get my new license (good) but the picture is from a weird close-up angle and my cheeks look gross and puffy like I just had wisdom teeth surgery. (bad) Also, it cost $100! Hmph! (bad!!)

*I finished reading an amazing book yesterday and I can’t stop thinking about it. (good)

*I helped a girl find some books today and she told me I was “a really good reference librarian.” Totally made my day! (good)

*Tomorrow is Friday and it’s a 3-day weekend! (super good!)

And the best news of all…


Doctor Who!

So despite my repeated failure to do grownup things, all in all I’m a generally happy camper. And I’m looking forward to a long weekend filled with pajama pants and BBC America and books and the boy and no alarm clocks.

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One Response to Life Lately: The good and bad

  1. I read that recently – it’s great!

    And DOCTOR WHO!!!!!! So excited!

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