Working hard or hardly working

You guys. My job…my job! It is so great. Among other things, this week I have…

-looked at some of the bright shiny new YA books that I ordered!

-calmed down a frantic parent who was convinced her 12 year old daughter would never succeed in life because she doesn’t like reading

-recommended Jennifer Donnelly’s Revolution to a 7th grade boy (!) who was totally excited about reading it! I also got to spread the gospel of Georgia Nicolson to his younger sister.

-planned an altered t-shirt making program

-made a book display and bookmarks to promote YALSA’s Teens’ Top 10

-checked out a couple books recommended to me by 2 awesome nerdfighter teen volunteers

-Spent like an hour and a half looking at Pinterest for program ideas

I am getting paid for this! Somebody pinch me!


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One Response to Working hard or hardly working

  1. Your job sounds amazing! I’m so happy for you!

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