Friday I’m in Love – May 25, 2012

1. Neil Gaiman posted this incredible comic on his Tumblr recently in tribute to Maurice Sendak. It was created by Maurice and Art Spiegelman (author of Maus) and it pretty much sums up all there is to say about childhood: “Childhood is cannibals and psychotics vomiting in your mouth.” Yes. Brilliant.

2. These beautifully creepy illustrations for Edgar Allan Poe’s work by early 20th century Irish artist Harry Clarke are fascinating.

3. This interesting analysis of 2011 YA book covers paints an interesting picture about the representation of minority groups, gender, and bodies in YA literature.

4. Love this minimal movie poster for Freaks and Geeks!

Freaks and Geeks

5. The trailer for The Great Gatsby has finally been released!!! It is so Lurhmann. Can’t wait! (P.S. My awesome boyfriend surprised me yesterday with a copy of the novel so I can re-read it before the the movie comes out. He’s a keeper!)

6. These cool kids and their Doctor Who costumes.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend folks!

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2 Responses to Friday I’m in Love – May 25, 2012

  1. Courtney says:

    Holy crap, that Art Spiegelman comic is outstanding! Love the Freaks and Geeks poster as well.

  2. katherine says:

    i love the art speilgman / maurice sendak comic. i loved maus! it was an amazing graphic novel – and how he portrays things is just great.

    and the kids in the dr who costumes are just adorable

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