Friday I’m in Love – 5/4/2012

Some interesting things from the interwebs this week:

1. Oh Tumblr, you’re silly.

2. More ways to waste time on Pinterest! Now you can connect with some of your favorite YA authors. 

3. John Green found the most amazing review of his book Looking for Alaska:

4. There are literally 1100 holds for 50 Shades of Grey at my library. Do these people know that this book is basically Twilight fan-fiction and that sexier books do exist? Probably not. Please read this hilarious review from the folks at Forever Young Adult and learn all about how un-sexy it actually is!

And on a related note, please do not confuse poorly written erotica with excellent YA fiction: 50 Shades of Grey and Between Shades of Gray are very different books!

5. Maybe we’ll spontaneously break into song Grease-style at my graduation…one can only hope.

6. I love this Tardis gif!

7. The lovely Suzy of Eeep I’m A Blogger featured me in her recent post on Blogs You Should Be Reading! As a blogging newbie, I am totally honored to be included among such an awesome list! Welcome to any new visitors!

8. And lastly, I am super excited to go see the gang from The Nerdist live tonight! If you enjoy podcasts, comedy and nerdy things, then you need to check out The Nerdist podcast! (Listen to it here or on iTunes)

Have a great weekend!

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4 Responses to Friday I’m in Love – 5/4/2012

  1. I love that John Green review!

    I’ve just found you via Suzy’s post and any blog with monthly reading round ups goes straight into my RSS feed. Hello!

  2. suzymarie56 says:

    Yay for new visitors! I feel (selfishly) like I did a good thing 🙂 Also, “they see me Rowling, they hating” – too funny.

  3. ShyScout says:

    Tehehe, the tumblr images are pretty funny :] That review made me smile aaaand breaking in to song at graduation “Grease-style” would make my life complete. Congrats on being featured on a blog. That is so exciting!

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