Friday I’m in Love – 4/13/12

Found some good stuff this week!

1. Dogs that look like Mad Men characters
No explanation required. This one’s one of my favorites:


These roses are real! How crazy is that?! I found this via The Color Issue. A florist in Holland named  Peter Van de Werken came up with this idea, which involves simply cutting the bottom of the stems into different channels and then putting each cut piece in a different color of water.

3. The Great Gatsby movie poster
I am in love with this! It’s gorgeous! Carey Mulligan is the perfect Daisy.

4. I spent way too much time looking at this snarky tumblr this week.

5. This perfectly encapsulates my philosophy on music.

6. A dress with a scottish terrier print?! Want!

7. And I have to include something with Doctor Who!

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Have a wonderful weekend!

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4 Responses to Friday I’m in Love – 4/13/12

  1. spdk1 says:

    Loved the Doctor Who thing at the end 😀

  2. ShyScout says:

    Great finds! I especially love 1-3. The roses are so beautiful and so is Carey Mulligan :]

  3. Megan says:

    LOVE that Great Gatsby movie poster, she is perfect for that role!

  4. Virginie says:


    Ok, I canot wait for this one and the poster is SO glam 🙂

    Virginie xo

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