Birthday weekend update

I had an awesome birthday weekend.

On Thursday, my actual birthday, I had to work till 9, but my awesome coworkers decided to take me out for ice cream after work which was delicious and so sweet of them.

I came home and got to open some awesome presents from the boyfriend. He is a notoriously excellent giver presents. My favorite gift had to be this amazingly clever Doctor Who shirt:

Get it?! Because he has two hearts! hahaha

I wore it twice in the last 4 days. Whateva!

On Friday we went out to a fancy restaurant where the food was alright, but the tasty cocktails made up for it. Then we came home and had birthday key lime pie.

Saturday, I got to meet up with a bunch of awesome Children’s Lit people for a  potluck at school.

And that night, I got to help out with the coolest event at the library. After hours mini-golf! They literally set up a mini-golf course in the library! The teens loved it and they were hilarious. There was also food, video games, a photobooth and henna tattoos (which the kids were OBSESSED with). It was super fun, and it made me miss all the crazy after-hours programs we used to put on at the science museum where I used to work.

My henna tattoo! Awkwardly drying it with a hair dryer...

Nothing like a good weekend to make up for a less than stellar week. I’m feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to finish up this last month of school!

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3 Responses to Birthday weekend update

  1. Happy Birthday! 🙂 Loving that pretty henna art…. and I think it is about time I start watching this show everyone talks so much about… haha

  2. Megan says:

    Sounds like you had a great birthday weekend! Mini golf sounds like it was a blast, and how cute that your coworkers treated you to ice cream 🙂

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