What’s with today, today?

Today feels weird.

Not bad…..just not quite right. I can’t quite put my finger on why.

I’m feeling like Miss Clavel up in here. Something is not right.

Something is not right!

Maybe it’s the gorgeous weather. I am so so so happy to have beautiful weather, but because we never really had any crazy snowstorms this winter, something about it feels not quite right. Like cheating. Like we didn’t really earn it. And then I had no idea what to wear.

Maybe it’s my lost ring. I misplaced my promise ring over a week ago one morning and I have no clue where it is. I spent the afternoon looking through the heap of clothing that sits between my bed and the closet and all around my nightstand to no avail. (I did however find like 4 unused gift cards in some old birthday and xmas cards. So it wasn’t a complete waste of time!)

Maybe it’s because my routine was thrown off today when I decided to call my mom before getting ready instead of after, and thus didn’t even take a shower until late afternoon.

Maybe it was hearing an old Fiona Apple song on the radio and thinking about high school and feeling a weird unwelcome nostalgia.

Maybe it was thinking about how I have no clue where I’ll be living in a few months or if I’ll have any source of income. Or how I applied to a job yesterday that I don’t even really want just because I’m scared of being unemployed.

Maybe it’s because one of the elevators in the building was broken, so I barely got to see Jeff at all before he left for work.

And now I’m at work, and even that’s not quite right. It’s so nice out that it’s extra quiet in here. And I only had one overdue notice to send! I’m not complaining, it’s just not normal.

….Or maybe it’s like that Library episode of Doctor Who where Donna was forced to live in that weird dream world and at any moment reality could all come crashing in on us.

I am just feeling out of sorts and I hope tomorrow feels more right.

But seriously. What’s with today, today?

Not on Rex Manning day!

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6 Responses to What’s with today, today?

  1. Megan says:

    Haha, I have days like this! Sorry to hear about your ring 😦 That’s a bummer…. but awesome that you found some gift cards!

  2. ShyScout says:

    I hate off days. It definitely happens. Hopefully everything will realign soon. I also hope that you find your ring!! I was given a ring for graduation as a “practice ring” (my mom doesn’t trust me with an expensive one) because she thought that I would lose it. I kid you not, three days later I lost the ring. A month passed and I finally found it in the back of my moms car. I haven’t lost it since, haha. You will find it!

  3. suzymarie56 says:

    I feel like this at the moment too! I definitely sympathise with applying for jobs I don’t want just because I don’t want to/can’t afford to be unemployed, ergh. I hope you find your ring soon, it must be somewhere! And yay for giftcards, I love when that happens!

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