Oh, you fancy huh?!

Guess what, guys: Today was my second day off in a row! Fo reals. I rarely have a whole day off so two days just feels downright luxurious.

Yesterday was filled with obligatory errands, phone calls and cleaning (although Jeff’s dad was in town on business so he did treat us to dinner and ice cream which was lovely!), so today was the first truly free day.

We decided to live it up and have an official Fancypants Outing to the Boston Athenaeum. For those of you non-New Englanders, an athenaeum is a fancy library  that requires a membership and has all sorts of cool archival materials and things. And this one is super old timey and cool–it was founded in 1807!

Let me set the scene. You’re in downtown Boston right by the capitol building. You walk into the entryway through awesome red doors.

There is a doorman who takes your coat and bag. When you finally walk into the library proper, you suddenly imagine that you’ve traveled back in time to Victorian England or something. Here’s a picture to give you some idea.

FANCIEST LIBRARY EVAH! Am I right? Something happens to you when you cross that magical red-doored threshold. You stand a little straighter. You start walking around and half expect to bump into Elizabeth Bennett or Mr. Darcy. You have to fight the urge to curtsy when you pass another patron. You suddenly have the urge to read Giant Literary Classics like Anna Karenina or Our Mutual Friend. I actually thumbed through a copy of Our Mutual Friend from 1875. 1875! A mere 10 years after it’s original publication and only 5 years after poor Mr. Dickens’ death! So crazy.

In the end I put back Our Mutual Friend and instead grabbed a copy of The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater in the children’s room (it’s my job to keep up with what the kids these days are reading after all) and Jeff proceeded to navigate through all these cool secret staircases until we found a solitary reading nook with some comfy chairs.

I celebrated by taking this surreptitious cell-phone pic:

Note the marble busts of famous guys, fancy rugs, and fancy books. I felt like kind of a big deal. Like Ron Burgundy, you know, with the whole being surrounded by leather-bound books and rich mahogany thing.

After reading for awhile, we continued our afternoon of hoity-toityness by taking a trip to a fancy coffee shop where I inadvertantly bought $14 worth of macarons (which sort of put a damper on my idea of being fancy yet frugal–oh well, c’est la vie!) and enjoyed the most delicious hazelnut latte ever.

All in all, it was a fabulous day, and I am not looking forward to going back to work and writing a paper tomorrow!

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5 Responses to Oh, you fancy huh?!

  1. suzymarie56 says:

    Oh my! That library looks absolutely wonderful.

  2. ShyScout says:

    What a wonderful way to spend a day off. That library is a beautiful place I would love to explore. I still have never had a macaroon but apparently I am missing out.

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