Friday I’m in Love – 2/24/12

Stuff I’m loving around the interwebs this week:

1. This slideshow of Oscar-related covers from The New Yorker. I partucularly love this Titanic-themed one by the amazing Art Spiegelman (of Maus fame).

2. Kate Spade’s F/W 2012 line. Take a peek at this fabulousness over at Keiko Lynn’s blog.

Can I have this? Please?

3. The peeps at know me so well.

originally found via

4. This disappearing Tardis mug!

5. This song is SO. FREAKING. AWESOME. Ryan Gosling, what the what?!


6. I really want to try this clementine creamsicle recipe.

7. This has been making the rounds on Facebook, but I love the librarian version.

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2 Responses to Friday I’m in Love – 2/24/12

  1. suzy says:

    k, that song…wow. i looooove that.

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