Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

To help you celebrate the day, I’ve got some awesome recs, whether Valentine’s day makes you say Aw! or UGH!

V-Day Option 1: All the single ladies

Having a Galentine’s Day bash?

Read some Stephanie Perkins for a little romance

Then, please break out some cheesy dance tunes

And follow up with these hilarious ladies

While sippin on a froofy lady cocktail, or some 2 buck chuck, depending on how you roll.

V-Day Option 2: Grrr/Wah! 

Are you in the middle of some relationship confusion, or suffering in the throes of post-breakup heartache? Are you in the cake shop of aggers?

You need a dash of Karen O

with a hint of Georgia Nicolson

and a little bit Ellen Page and some hardcore roller derby broads

and you’ll soon be feeling like your old bad-ass self again!

V-Day Option 3: That loving feeling

If you’re attached, you’ll need a home-cooked meal with your honey

plus a romantic movie with some personal significance

(around these parts, we like a little Audrey to keep things classy)

and a fancy or not so fancy dessert

And voila! Excellent Valentine’s Day!


What do you all have planned?

As for me, the boy and I will have to spend the day apart working working working like…two working things.

So, I’d just like to day, Happy Annivalentine’s day, Jeff! These have been the best four years ever! Thanks for being my bff and my lovahhh!

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2 Responses to Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Megan says:

    aww Happy Annivalentine’s Day! 🙂 LOVE Bridesmaids, I could watch that movie every night.

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